. . . And Back Again.

Hey, you. Welcome to the new blog.

Now hopefully I will post on this thing with a little more regularity, both because I want to keep my focus on writing and because I plan to eliminate unnecessary online distractions (see: Facebook) in the near future.

Now you may be wondering, “What does this blog have that the other one didn’t? Why should I spend my hard earned internet time viewing this incredibly whitewashed-themed page which seems to have a vague literary overtone?” Well it’s true, apart from the new theme and name, you can expect this blog to be more or less similar to the old one. The difference is in its purpose. A Preemptive Elegy was made in order to reflect on my time as a college student (a goal I achieved somewhat, but not as much as I could have had I posted more consistently). What I hope to do with What Now? is to turn the focus from the past to the future, looking ahead and hopefully discovering what the next phase of life looks like. And of course, I will continue talking about literature and video-games-as-art and all that other stuff I’m super passionate about.

Are you excited? Because I’m excited, and I want you to be excited too.